For lawns, fruit trees, decorative trees and bushes, vine, tomatoes, potatoes, geranium. Enables processing of cow dung, horse dung, rabbit droppings, fermented fertilizer etc.


Do you have excessive volume of horse dung? Is transporting of fertilizer too expensive?

Reduce the volume of fertilizer by up to 10 times. by pelleting you can reduce the cost of transport down to 10%. And moreover, you can sell fertilizer pellets.

Standard size of pellets is 6mm.

How to prepare material for pelleting?

In order to pellet dung it is necessary to reduce its humidity by mixing with dry material. Phone us and we will gladly advice you how to do it.

It is easy

cd1.jpg Crush material in crusher
cd2.jpg Feed in pellet mill

We recommend for HOMES and SMALL BUSINESSES

  1. Crusher 9 FQ 40, motor 5.5 kW
  2. Pellet mill GE 120 Economy, motor 3 kW
  3. Pellet mill GE 120 Profi, motor 4 kW (for serial production)


  1. Crusher 9 FQ 40, motor 7.5 kW
  2. Pellet mill GE 200 Economy, motor 7.5 kW
  3. Pellet mill GE 200 Profi, motor 7.5 kW (for serial production)
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