Agricultural materials

straw, hay, rape straw, rapeseed shale, sunflower straw, sunflower seed shale, chaff, poppy waste, cereal waste, rice waste, soy, alfalfa, corn waste, horse droppings.


Wood materials

sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, edgings of spruce, pine, oak, beech, ash, poplar, deciduous trees and bushes, nut shells, leaves, branches


Other materials

Cardboard, paperboard, newspapers, leaflets, stale bakery products etc.


Is it really necessary to spend CZK 50,000 a year on heating in a family home? Are you annoyed by ever increasing prices of all energies?

Make your own fuel – you can reduce your heating bill to mere CZK 2.500- a year.

How much will you pay for your own production of pellets?

The cost of electric energy needed for crushing 1 tonne of material is ca CZK 120 and the cost of pelleting is ca CZK 130 a tonne. The total cost of electric energy is only ca CZK 250 a tonne.

How much pellets do you need for heating in a family house?

The annual consumption of a two-floor family home is ca 8 to 10 tonnes of wood pellets. That means the cost of only 2.500 CZK for an entire heating period.

Calorific power of pellets

Pellets are very suitable for burning in all types of solid fuel boilers; it is just necessary to ensure a grate the pellets do not fall through. If you buy a special, pellet-fired boiler, you will get a lower consumption of pellets and automatic operation of the boiler and you will not have to go and feed fire anymore. The calorific power of pellets varies according to the type of material they are made of.

  • wood sawdust 16.5 to 18.5 MJ/kg
  • straw 16.5 to 18.5 MJ/kg
  • corn 16.5 to 18.5 MJ/kg
  • oil plant straw 18.5 to 19.5 MJ/kg
  • soft brown coal 16.7 to 19.5 MJ/kg

It is easy

cd1.jpg Crush material in the crusher; sawdust does not need crushing anymore
cd2.jpg Adjust humidity – by water or damp material to 15% - 19%
cd3.jpg Insert in pellet mill
cd4.jpg Burn in boiler

We recommend for HOMES and SMALL BUSINESSES

  1. Crusher 9 FQ 40, motor 5.5 kW
  2. Pellet mill GE 120 Profi, motor 4 kW (for wood materials)
  3. Pellet mill GE 120 Economy, motor 3 kW (for agricultural materials)


  1. Crusher 9 FQ 40, motor 7.5 kW
  2. Pellet mill GE 200 Profi, motor 7.5 kW
  3. Pellet mill GE 200 Economy, motor 7.5 kW (for agricultural materials)
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