Visit us and take your material with you

Take your material, such as a sack of sawdust, straw or any other material with a quantity of ca 50 l. You can make your pellets yourself at our facility. We will show you how your pellets burn in our pellet-fired boiler. Every workday from 8:00 till 14:00. Call us and arrange a meeting.

Creating a suitable technological procedure

Do you encounter problems with pelleting on your pellet mill bought elsewhere? Supply your material to us and we will prepare for you an exact procedure for pelleting.

Training free of charge

With every purchase of our pellet mill we provide free training for our customers, we teach our customers how to work with our machines and we explain how to maintain them in a defect-free state.

Expert consulting

If you have any questions regarding pelleting, crushing, drying, heating or any query relating to the technology of pelleting or heating, do not hesitate to contact us. On the basis of your needs, we will propose to you a suitable combination of machines with respect to your requested output and purchase price.

Does not your pellet mill purchased elsewhere work?

If you have bought a pellet mill from another company and the mill is not working and your original supplier does not have spare parts, we will be glad to help you.

  1. we will carry out a service check of your machine in order to be able to say whether our spare parts are usable for your type of pellet mill. After passing this service check you can purchase all spare parts for your mill from us.
  2. if you need a CE compliant machine to be able to use it for business activities, we will recommend you, on the basis of results of the service check, how to correct possible flaws and, upon making necessary adjustments, we will issue a CE compliance certificate for you.
  3. Are you not successful in pressing a certain materials in your pellet mill? We will make the right die for your kind of material.

Repairs of machines

If you experience a defect on your pellet mill that requires repairing, turn to our service centre. Our service centre proceeds exactly in compliance with manufacturing procedures and, therefore, we only use original spare parts. We carry out repairs of any parts as well as general overhauls of machines, even of those manufactured by other producers.