Agro boiler Universal

AGRO BOILER UNIVERSÁL burns all types of pellets.

Wood pellets:
spruce, pine, blue spruce, fir, oak, beech, maple, ash, poplar, acacia, birch

Agricultural pellets:
hay, straw, rape straw, sunflower straw, corn straw, cereals, cereal meal, barley, rye, chaff, bran, reeds

Energy plants:
eulalia, sorrel, Japanese poplar, hemp

cardboard, paperboard, paper mixed with sawdust

horse droppings, rabbit droppings, poultry droppings mixed with sawdust

This boiler is designed for burning of a wide range of pellet types, both wood pellets and agricultural pellets. It is fitted with a BURNER designed to enable thorough burning of pellets, disregarding the type of material. Agricultural pellets do not fuse together, and so the burner does not go out. It contains 33 air nozzles in 8 rows, which ensures fire penetration even through the worst type of material. You can program on the boiler a time for stoking by the worm conveyor, an amount of pellets per 1 stoking or a time interval between stoking. Moreover, you can regulate the amount of air flowing into the burner to ensure optimum burning. Thanks to these possibilities, you can burn a wide range of materials in this „Super-burner“, and as soon as you start producing another type of pellets, you just change the settings and ensure outstanding combustion!

Is controlled by a control unit - microprocessor. Unlike any other boiler in the market, you can regulate all adjustable values. Controlling is very simple and intuitive.

  • amount of fuel per one stoking
  • time interval of worm movement
  • regulation of ventilator fan speed
  • input air adjustment
  • minimum temperature of water heating
  • maximum temperature of water heating
  • sleep operation in the summer season
  • possibility to connect to internal thermostat

AGRO BOILER UNIVERSAL - includes: boiler, burner, container, microprocessor

outputcontainerprice excl. VAT
13 kW120 kg59.900,-
15 kW120 kg64.900,-
19 kW120 kg67.900,-
25 kW120 kg69.900,-
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