PROFI Pellet mills

The PROFI line is designed for pelleting at home and in small businesses, but also for serial production. These pellet mills are designed for production of fuel pellets, feed mixtures, and fertilizers as well as for reduction of material size. The Green Profi mill is fitted with components of the highest quality to withstand heavy loads. The pelleting process is fluent and of very high quality. The dies are made of especially high quality steel and treated by quenching, which ensures high resistance against wear. An especially good motor is indispensable to achieve high quality of pellets and outstanding performance. Therefore, LENZE motors are used, installed on customer’s request. Switches can be those made by the German manufacturer MOELLER, which include an overvoltage circuit breaker that will prevent burning of the motor coiling in a case of overloading. The undervoltage trigger prevents incidental self-starting of the machine in the case of a power-outage and subsequent switch on. We always produce the PROFI line pellet mills according to their specific use by the customer, according to customer’s economical requirements, the type of material to be processed and its technological properties. The Green Energy PROFI pellet mills are often used in pelleting lines, especially the GE 300 and GE 400 models. The Green Energy PROFI pellet mills are of very high-quality and undergo thorough quality checks.

Pellet mill JGE 200

Hour yield of ca 200 - 300 kg/hour..

Pellet mill JGE 230

Hour yield ca 290 - 400 kg/hour..

Pellet mill JGE 260

Hour yield ca 330 - 360 kg/hour..

Pellet mill JGE 300

Hour yield ca 410 - 450 kg/hour..

Pellet mill JGE 400

Hour yield ca 550 - 580 kg/hour..