Pellet mill JGE 150

Hour yield ca 120 - 150 kg/hour


Simple processing technology ensures long service life

First, machine crush straw and other materials to 1 – 2 mm and then throw the crushed material into the pellet mil, which easily processes it into 2 to 6 mm pellets.

  • contains 2 pressing cylinders
  • length of pellets 8 to 18 mm
  • pellet diameter according to die size


Depends on type of material. Soft materials such as straw, chaff etc. have the biggest yield. Hard materials, especially wood, have a low yield. Recommended humidity is 10 to 17 % according to material type.

  • Hour yield ca 120 to 150 kg/hour
  • sawdust 120kg, hay, straw, chaff 150 kg/hour
  • daily yield - 8 hours = 960 - 1,200 kg
  • annual yield 691 - 864 tonnes ((in three-shift operation)

Pressing dies and cylinders

The cylinders and dies are made of high-quality tempered steel. The mill contains 2 pressing cylinders and a die. Their service life greatly depends on hardness of processed material. The lowest wear occurs with pressing of soft materials such as rape, sunflower or straw. In such a case the service life of a die is 12 to 48 months of one-shift operation. When wood material is processed, the service life of the cylinders is 10 – 12 months of one-shift operation. We recommend buying a spare die with the product. The size of die holes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm.

Dimensions and weight

  • 750 x 350 x 650 mm
  • weight 95 / 115 kg

Price of mills

Yield*MotorCZK excl. VAT
cca 120-150 JGE 1504 kW / 380 V45.990,-
cca 120-150 JGE 1505,5 kW / 380 V47.990,-
spare dies5.790,-

*The output of the machines depends to a great extent on the type of material, its quality, degree of homogenization, binding quality, size and preparation of fraction and humidity. The lowest output of a pellet mill can be even 0 kg/hour if material is prepared in an incorrect way or cannot be pelleted. If material is well-prepared, it is possible, in ideal cases, to achieve even a higher output than specified in the table, especially when feed mixtures are pelleted.

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